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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." – Steve Jobs

Re-engagement platform

" 60-80% of satisfied customers do not go back to do more business with that company. Why is it so? This is due to a lack of constant engagement with them "

Our Corporate suite helps create your own ad platform. It can deliver offers and promos to your own user base. It replaces your ineffective and passive re-engagement campaigns like sms, emails, notifications etc.

Get partners access your users

While you can conduct promos of your own products you can also allow partners to showcase their offers and promos. The platform allows you to set up your own price for partners, gives access to create their own campaigns, set budgets and deliver ads. Surprisingly, you can incentivize users the way you wish to.

Telecallers – triple the productivity

Our telemarketing module is a disruptive innovation as it can set the context for outbound calls. It helps your targets identify the caller and reason for calling without picking up the call. It minimizes attrition due to frustration as every picked call is a potential lead who wants to listen to you.

Brand your outbound calls

Every day, millions of calls are made by delivery boys, drivers, etc., Now you can use these calls for your own branding! All you need to do is signup, configure those outbound numbers and create your campaign. Every time, your customer gets a call from those outbound numbers, your campaign is delivered.

Deliver other ads – Sure we can!

If you want to deliver your own ads and also allow third party ads, just flip the switch! That’s all it takes for monetization through third party ads to be initiated.

Call me !




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Click through rate(CTR)


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Publisher of 3rd party ads

Apps that monetize showing all ads

Receiving an Ad is Fun, we mean it.

A user opens an app to perform a definite task and featuring an ad there is intrusive. The difference is we float the ads with incoming calls which the user can simply swipe it off if not interested. Further, we are poised to deliver hyper-local ads and telemarketing ads by setting the context of their outbound calls which would be relevant to your users' interest.

Additional ad revenue!

We spotted an unexplored real estate for delivering ads that generates additional ad revenue. You need not disrupt your existing ad platform to sign-up with us.

Active or inactive, you earn daily!

While every app has a purpose, it earns only when it is active. But our platform doesn’t demand your app to be active, as it floats the ad with incoming calls. Hence it earns you daily revenue.

Raise app position in play store

Google gives substantial weightage for an app which is active daily and betters its search results. Even if your app is not opened daily our plugin makes your app active. This is proved by our existing publishers.

Extend ad-free app user experience

Our platform aims to fetch more daily average revenue than existing ad platforms. Now you have an option to give an ad-free app experience to your users.

Define your daily delivery per user

As a publisher you have the control in setting the number of daily delivery per user. You also have the choice of switching it on or off or permanently shutdown ads delivery to your user base.

How to become a publisher

Download SDK
Choose your App
Integrate SDK in 10 min
Make a test call to activate
Upload App to play store


" Mobile in-app ads are ineffective for branding & re-engagement campaigns as these ads were intrusive and skewed hence gain less attention span "

Ours is the first ad platform to ensure 100% intentional clicks. Our ad impressions are non-intrusive & appropriately sized. Hence it gains unbelievable average attention span with outstanding brand recall values. Unlike any other ad platform in the world, we provide flexibility to the users to swipe off the ads or block them.

14 seconds average attention span

A floating ad display when the user receives a call guarantees an attention span of 2 to 40 seconds. We have clocked 14 seconds of average attention span till date. Our CTR is a standing proof for this.

Our CTR 0.64% Vs. 0.06% Industry average

Our banner ads are constantly clocking an average of 0.64% CTR. This can be a fantastic opportunity and an ideal platform for you to generate traffic as well as ensure branding.

Deliver geo targeted ads

You can target your audience at a PIN code level which supports hyper-local advertising.

Deliver app download to the right users

It is annoying for a user to receive an app download ad which is already in the device. Our platform's intelligence addresses this.

Best re-engagement and branding tool via mobile

Any in-app mobile ad platform mostly remains ineffective for re-engagement and branding campaigns. Most often, the user is focused on the app and the ad does not grab the attention of the user. Our platform takes this head on.

Incentivize Campaigns (optional)

Our platform provides you the option to incentivize your target users with Free Data!

Post a campaign

Create Ads
Pay Money
Approve Ads
Deliver Ads
"Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life."
– Mark Zuckerberg

Our products

There remains an unconquered real estate on a mobile device which has a compelling average attention span of 14.20 sec while getting an incoming call.

The primary objective of our platform is to help publishers use this space effectively and monetize it.

This is possible with our 298 KB plugin, which can be integrated in 10 min flat and consumes near-zero battery and data.

The user can swipe off or block the floating ad. The publisher has control on the quantity of daily impressions and also switch on/off delivery or trigger a permanent shutdown instantly.

Re-engagement platform

Re-engagement platform

Create your own ad platform and deliver your own promos & offers while extending it to your partners - in just 10 min flat!



Set the context of your outbound calls and raise your lead generation by 300% with absolute ease.



Increase the Life Time Value (LTV) of your user by branding every outbound call by your delivery boys, drivers, etc.

Third party float ads

Third party float ads

Deliver more contextual ads. Earn additional revenue and even extend an ad-free experience to your users.


About us


I can proudly say that we are a team of best minds! Not by just experience, but with a resolve to achieve our vision meticulously and provide an impeccable solution.

With couple of decades of experience in MNCs like Oracle, Yahoo, Cognizant & HSBC, I gained some valuable experience to conceptualize an idea and visualize it. I realized this concept along with my team which possesses the expertise in every demanding technology and also develop it with ease.

We never feared about risking our career, because we know we are building an ad platform which doesn’t exist in the world!

~ chella | founder, ceo

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